Swing Vote Mobile Subscriptions
Swing Vote e-magazine utilizes intelligent software to stay up-to-date with changing operating system and Internet browser environments providing subscription users with the optimal experiences. Regular updates that provide general enhancements, new features, and additional applications are included in the Swing Vote Member Subscription Fee of $14.99 per month.

    Your monthly fee also provides for:
  • Pop-up and Spam-Free Browser environment
  • Access to new feature-rich application extensions
  • Exclusive Access to the members-only Subscription site

Swing Vote Mobile Advertising
Advertising with Swing Vote e-magazine will give your company unprecedented exposure to today’s growing consumer. The Swing Vote customer is a part of an ever expanding demographic that is becoming more and more media savvy. Swing Vote offers an advertising opportunity which goes beyond obvious banner ads and product placement. By incorporating real life backgrounds with live video animation, Swing Vote e-magazine facilitates an interactive, game-like experience. Your company’s logo would be integrated into the actual scene of the interactive applications. Swing Vote is powered by highly intelligent software which will work to create a context sensitive advertisement for your company. For just $200 per month, your logo placement within the scene will have a live direct link to your company’s website. Contact Swing Vote e-magazine today to begin your groundbreaking online advertising.

Swing Vote Syndication Services
Swing Vote e-magazine strives to obtain today’s hottest and most entertaining news coverage. Swing Vote remains true to its demographic while gathering photos, video, audio transcripts and more. Swing Vote e-magazine has opened doors for innovative news coverage and now Swing Vote is offering its syndicated news services to you. Starting at $2,500, Swing Vote will give you unlimited access to all of its photos, videos and audio transcripts within a secure database for up to 30 days! There is no other Denver based news source like Swing Vote e-magazine. With Swing Vote content, you could generate attractive news stories and video reels comparable to products offered by the associated press for a fraction of the cost! Contact Swing Vote e-magazine today to gain exclusive access to the latest and greatest news.