Swing Vote is a particularly readable collection of probing interviews and interactive dialogue with America's most prominent business, cultural and political figures. Eloquent in its frankness, Swing Vote's revealing articles offers a brilliant array of commentary on the issues that are important to American life.

Swing Vote Section Descriptions

Each week, Swing Vote provides a feature interview with a key professional, business, cultural, political, or sports figure in the community. The questions are often provocative, and the responses may surprise you. You will definitely want to know how these people respond to the questions presented.

You will enjoy the commentary section in Swing Vote. Many respected leaders offer their take on the issues of the day, and don't hold back on their opinions. Their commentary is not only interesting to read, but may provide the hot topics around your water cooler the next day!

Special Features
Our Special Features Section covers special events, supplements to previous interviews, music special events, and other stories that are not feature-length interviews. Check this section in the munu bar, and don't miss these entertaining stories.

Swing Vote has always welcomed local talent, and when artists share their music with us, we want to share it with you. Check under Downloads in the menu bar for songs that you can download in mp3 format.

You will want to try some of these delicious recipes generously provided by the people and events that we cover. For example, fabulous peach recipes in conjunction with the Palisade Peach Festival. Or, great chile recipes from the Pueblo Chile and Frijoles Festival. Some are graciously shared by chefs and local restaurants. And, there are some good old family favorites.