Ad Specs

Banner Ads
A banner ad is displayed in the sidebar of the magazine page and can click to your own website. The banner is 150 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. It is suggested that the banner have a small graphic, as well as the most pertinent information you want to convey to the readers. High quality .jpg graphics are required. The cost of a banner ad is $100. per week.

The banner can stand alone only in the sidebar, or can contain a “Click Here” in the upper corner, which takes readers to a full-page, or “micro site.”

Micro Sites
The micro site is a one-page ad that lets you expand your content. This page can have a maximum of 3,200 characters and spaces, submitted as a Word document (.doc), or as a text (.txt) file. It also contains one graphic at the top of the page that is 300 pixels wide and variable in pixels high, or can have two graphics located in the text, which are 180 by 180 pixels each. High quality .jpg graphics are required. A development fee of $300. is charged for each micro site page. A micro site is a great opportunity to explain more about your business, organization, people, etc. Many restaurants, for example, list their menu on this page and show a photo of the owner or the food. Or, it can be as simple as giving your location, directions, and days and hours of operation.

Additional Web Pages
If your content requires more than one page, additional pages may be obtained at the same price, and have the same qualities as the micro site page.

An additional page may be required if, for example, you want the page to have both an English and Spanish version.

We will deliver an electronic tearsheet to our advertisers, or advertisers can access their tearsheets online by simply using a Day Pass. This system is a better resource and a more efficient source for our customers to view and print their ads. These electronic tearsheets can be printed, saved and emailed. The electronic tearsheet is evidence that your advertisement was published in Swing Vote. Your company may require that you print a copy for your files or for your accounting department.

So, send your content and your ad goes to our readership. It’s that easy!

Over the past four years, Swing Vote has developed relationships with the following advertisers to promote their business:

  • Baur's Ristorante
  • Blue Sky Motorcycles
  • Enstrom's Candies
  • High Country Transmission
  • Ken Gordon for Secretary of State
  • LA Boxing of Aurora
  • Lights Off Colorado

Swing Vote is proud to be a supporter of and a partner to the following charitable organizations, nationwide:

  • Agape Foundation
  • Breaking Away Project
  • Daniel's Fund
  • Excelsior Youth Center
  • Limo Driver's Mile-High Salute
  • National AIDS Housing Association
  • Urban League of Metropolitan Denver
  • Auraria Casa Mayan Heritage
  • The Spirituals Project

Community Events
Swing Vote strongly believes in supporting the local communities in Colorado by promoting county fairs and community events. Some of these include:

  • Aurora Gateway Parade
  • Aurora Kid's Idol
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance
  • DeBeque Wild Horse Days
  • DIA Way
  • Kiowa County Fair
  • Palisade Peach Festival

Our subscribers are an astute, very diverse group of readers geographically covering the entire State of Colorado. Generally, they tend to be well-educated, business-oriented, politically-interested, and community-active people ranging from age 25 - 55.

Swing Vote is delivered via email to over 50,000 Colorado subscribers statewide, and that number is growing daily!

Mission Statement
Swing Vote Magazine is a weekly online subscription publication. Every week, we have a leader in the community from politics, business, the arts, sports, or community events in a feature length interview. Insightful commentary is included, covering everything that’s important to the thought leaders in our communities. Entertainment and other issues are covered in our Special Features section. Restaurant advertisers are encouraged to share a recipe with our readers in the Recipes section.

Production Schedule
Swing Vote Magazine is distributed on Tuesday night, weekly. In order for your ad to appear in an issue, we must receive your text and graphics at least two weeks prior to publication, and your ad must be proofed and paid by the Friday before publication.

Contact Swing Vote at if you have any questions about advertising with us.

Thank you for your interest in Swing Vote Magazine.