Chantelle Geyer

Chantelle was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa but moved to Denver in 2008. Since then she has fallen in love with the Colorado outdoors and the convenience of American living.

Chantelle's first language is Afrikaans, which is a variation of Dutch, but she started learning English in elementary school. After graduating high school she started her journalism degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and is currently finishing it at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Traveling across rural Africa as a youngster with her family is what inspired her to be a journalist. Her goal is to raise awareness across the world about issues in rural countries that demand attention.

Chantelle was fortunate enough to travel across the world at a young age. She has been to France, Venice, London, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. She hopes to continue her travels when she finishes school. Mexico is her next destination.

Her other passion in life is children. Their innocence and enthusiasm inspires her to be a better person everyday. Chantelle has a beautiful two-year-old girl, Aiden Farah. She works at the Auraria Early Learning Center but her ultimate goal in life is to open a series of foster homes and care centers for underprivileged kids across rural Africa.

Chantelle's newest hobby is cooking. Her boyfriend went to culinary school and is teaching her one step at a time. She loves camping, hiking and snowboarding in the mountains and has a passion for music. She loves listening to her boyfriend play his guitar.

In the future, Chantelle hopes to move back to South Africa and work to make it a better, safer place.

If you would like to contact Chantelle, please email her at

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