Jude DeLorca

Jude DeLorca is a determined optimist by nature, a writer by heart, and a journalist by curiosity. Her first job at the Wall Street Journal writing copy from the blanched red naugahyde booth of the Chinese-American diner, corner of Market and Van Ness to English Lit, Spanish Lit, African Lit Ė- and Lit-Lit at UCLA, to finding her way across the Rockies with Jakey the rottweiler, in time to cover the DNC in Denver for California press.

Her love for jazz and blues emerged along a full journey beginning with escaping high school algebra at San Francisco's old Black Hawk, the first Monterey Jazz Festivals, and immersion into Redding, Sledge, Robert Johnson, followed by Chet, Miles and Hampton in Europe, to Wiggins, Manne, Redman in LA and the affair continues at Herbís, Dazzle, the "Pec" and the open mikes of Denver.

Jude's day job as recent founder and flying under the radar with practical business solutions as The One Hour Advisor includes adjunct consulting in cross-culture acculturation issues.

She is currently gnawing her nails on a short story collection based in Denver and drinking her way through the forty-nine beers at the Cheeky Monk.

If you would like to contact Jude, please email her at jude.delorca@swingvotemag.com

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