Kristi Peregoy

Kristi Peregoy is just starting her political production career in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. Recently she obtained her BA in Political Science with a minor in marketing from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Having experimented with many different majors Kristi decided to blend broadcast media and politics into one.

Kristi has long been a political junkie since high school writing for newspapers, student broadcasts and even being published in social issue magazines like AIM and M.S. as found on her website creativelykristi.

In the future Kristi hopes to continue to make important contributions to the production and political industries as well as possibly write a few books. When she isn't working Kristi enjoys browsing vintage record stores, traveling, comic collecting, trivia games, couture, reading, movies, concerts and walking her dog Nietzsche.

If you would like to contact Kristi, please email her at

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