Kyle Denny

Kyle Denny is a student-intern from Metropolitan State College of Denver. In his senior year, he is planning on graduating with a journalism degree in December of 2010.

In his course work Kyle has written a variety of articles. He is experienced in the field of investigative journalism. In 2009, he reported on Colorado's efforts in food safety legislation. Later, he was part of a team effort that put together an investigation package that spotlighted numerous recycling trends in America and areas around Colorado.

Outside of journalism, he enjoys running. One of his most memorable moments was his finish at the 2009 Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half-Marathon. He is looking forward to his next challenge, the 2011 Colorado Marathon.

Aside from reporting, Kyle's other passions include volunteering at his church or with Habitat for Humanity. He also is active in the recycling efforts in his Thornton community.

He is most excited about continuing his education in journalism, a field he believes "is in an exciting state of change."

If you would like to contact Kyle, please email him at

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