Marlo Molinaro

My name is Marlo Molinaro and I am a Photojournalism Major with a minor in Special Events, at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but plan to travel the world and hope one day to live on the East Coast. I grew up in a large Italian family who is very close and we all get together every Sunday for Italian Dinner.

I love to travel and take pictures of all the different sites and cultures. I love seeing how different states, and different countries live their everyday lives and I want to catch that on film. When I am taking pictures I want to get the emotions, beauty and inspirations of what the photo I am taking is. Photographs are memories and the more photos you have, the more memories we share.

After this summer I am going to Europe for a month with my family, but also to take pictures. Once I am finished with all my traveling I want to do, I would like to own my own photography and event planning business and start a family.

If you would like to contact Marlo, please email her at

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