Stephanie DeCamp is an accomplished journalism student at Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado. She has written for The Met newspaper and is a recipient of the Greg Lopez Memorial Scholarship for Journalism.

Moving to Denver from Kansas City in 2005, she quickly fell in love with all it had to offer. She regularly participates in Community Dinner at Scum of the Earth Church and can be seen on warm days riding her 1986 moped all over the city, in search of new people and places to write about. Also a student of Spanish, she enjoys traveling wherever she may use the skill and has acquired a strong taste for spicy and unusual foods.

Stephanie is a great lover of music, and upon dropping her studies of sound engineering prior to moving to Colorado, she decided instead to simply amass a deafening collection of music from all genres. On any given night you can find her at a small show or club.

In the future, Stephanie plans on employing her writing and editing skills in the magazine and online publishing arena, with an eventual goal of writing a book. She hopes to travel extensively. Until then she will dutifully work with Swing Vote Magazine, doing her best to bring entertaining and enlightening stories to the city she loves more then any other.

If you would like to contact Stephanie, please email her at

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